Our Story

How Online Angels was started in May 19, 2000

I started a few lists on yahoo to make friends one was a craft
group we chatted about all crafts, others were a prayer group, a
recipe group, and a chat group to talk about our families and day
to day stuff. We became not only friends but like family and we
prayed together, raised families together and crafted together.

On January 21, 1999 we had a house fire where we lost almost everything
in the house, the house was damaged very badly inside thank God the
frame was there. We did not have insurance as we couldn't afford it as
we were trying to fix up the house.

Our family, friends, & neighbors all helped us raise not only the funds,
wood, household items, clothes, & toys to get us to the point that not
only my Husband, but his two brothers could rebuild the inside of the
house while we lived in our old camper. The three of them worked long
hours everyday until the house was to the point where we could move back
in and still rebuild it. It was a rough few months but we prayed a lot,
hoped for the best and moved back into the house with alot of work ahead
of us.

My husband and I were so grateful for all the help everyone gave to us
and we were thinking of a way to help others and that is how Online Angels
was born in May 19, 2000. We still have a lot of work to do in the house
here it is 6 years later and we still can't get house insurance as it is
high risk and everyone wants it completely done or they want a high
premium which we can't afford. Thru prayers and hard work we will achieve
our goal in getting the house done and acquiring insurance for it.

We thank those who helped us get thru such a rough time in our lives whom
without their love, friendship, prayers and encouragement we would not be
as far as we are today. We also want to thank each and every Online Angel
volunteers who have helped us strive thru the hard years getting this
wonderful charity off the ground and helping us get to where we are now,
helping so many world wide!

Our motto for Online Angels is
"We Spread Love ......One Loveghan Box at a Time!"

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We hope that after reading this story you will help us help others..... if you would like to join us email me at:


May God bless you and yours!