Projects Made by

Online Angels' Volunteers

These pages are dedicated to our wonderful Volunteers

who dedicate their lives in helping us help others!

We can't thank them enough for their hard work, time and

dedication to Online Angels!

Their love and joy in giving to others shows in their

wonderfully hand made items.

Click on the the Links below to view photos of

 projects made by our Volunteers.

The pages will be updated frequently,

Please check back often.

Bears / Dolls Projects

Chemo Hats & Scarves Projects

Blankets / Quilts Projects

Hats / Scarves Projects

Booties / Slippers Projects

Squares Projects

Baby Projects

Burial Buntings Projects

Misc. Projects

Ponchos / Shawls

Handmade Toys

All hand made donations sent to OA will be photographed

and placed on these pages under the specific category with the

Volunteer's name placed on it.

Only donations sent to OA will be placed on those pages.

We will do our best to update these pages as quickly as possible.

If anyone finds any errors on these pages, please email me at: