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1st Annual



Craft-a-thon News

Our 1st Craft-a-thon was a great success, as our volunteers

and other donors came together to help craft for charity.

We were able to raise $230.50, thru auction, raffles,

and donations, to help us with our FedEx bills,

and supplies.

We made hats, baby hats, squares, blankets, diaper shirts,

patches, and scarves.

We would like to thank all our volunteers who could

not make it to the event, but sent in crafts, and items to

auction and raffle off.

They were with us in spirit crafting from their homes:)

Volunteers Who Were in Attendance


Mary R. - Founder/President

Royce R. Jr. - Vice President

Georgine R. - Secretary

Diane R - Fundraiser

Royce R. Sr.

Allene Strassle

Terri Adams

Lauren Adams

Peyton Adams

Donna Adams

Donna Wileman

Kym Lamberth

Cheyanne Lamberth

Roxy Henderson

Peg Stahl

Michelle Shafer

Toni Ann Sallade

Geri Callis

Lori Delamarter

Helene Hefler

Chelsea Reinhart

Amy Reimiller


To View Craft-a-thon Photos, click below.




St. Clair Lions     Dunkin' Donuts

ATV Bakery     Weis Markets

Hess Catering

Lehigh Valley Dairy      Giant Supermart


Big Jack Brewers Outlet, Pottsville, PA

Rushanon Catering, Minersville, PA

BG's Value Market, Minersville, PA

Write Crafts, Fairlane Mall, Pottsville, PA

DJ Dan Hefler, Shenandoah, PA

Miller's Distributing, St. Clair, PA


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