Photos of Items Finished Here

Incoming and Outgoing Boxes

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This page contains Photos of ghans completed from squares

and photos of incoming and outgoing items we have

received from our volunteers to help fill our boxes.

Check back often as this page will update frequently

as items come in and out and projects are completed.

Photos of Items

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger photo.

afghan in progress completed ghans completed ghans1 completed ghans2 ghan in process1 ghan in process2

items in loveghan boxes packedboxes1 packedboxes2 packedboxes3 packedboxes4 packedboxes5

packedboxes6 packing loveghan boxes incoming box ghans to ship babyghan school box

school box1 Express boxes shipping boxes shipping items sewn for boxes incoming boxes express outgoing

afghan to go 2 afghan to go 3 afghan to go babyghan to go baby blanket box shipping

ghan to ship 4 packed box to send packed box to send 2 packed box to send 3 packed box to send  4 packed box to send 5

Grd outgoing box to send 2 box to send burial buntings done ghans to ship2 ghan to ship 3

packed box to send 6 buntings1 burial buntings incoming boxes1 outboxes1 outboxes2

outboxes3 outboxes4 outboxes5 outboxes6 outboxes7 outboxes8

outgoing boxes completed ghan completed ghan 1 boxes out boxes out1 boxes out2

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